What Services do we Offer?

Whether you’re an individual, a family or a business owner, our services are all encompassing. Sentry Group | Wealth Partners focuses on protecting your assets, maximizing tax efficiencies and ensuring retirement strategies are in place for yourself and those who depend on you. 

Sentry Group | Wealth Partners takes a 40,000 ft view of your current situation, with the destination you have given us, as we look for the best path to get you there. Our job is to protect and preserve your capital, managing your risk and making changes along the way to keep you ahead of the financial curve.

We work with clients in general 4 areas:

  • Planning: Personal solutions and Corporate structure
  • Protection: Insurance and Guaranteed Income Products
  • Investing: Traditional, Private Capital and Portfolio Management
  • Estate Planning: Succession and Legacy Creation


In 2015 we introduced SG Capital Advisory and in 2016 the newest division SG Mortgage Capital can take care of all your mortgage needs including purchases, renewals, debt restructuring and investment properties.

Our transparent holistic process is designed to PUSH individuals and business owners to do the things they already know they should be doing.

With our unbiased approach we become trusted partners and council for all of our clients; individual, business owners or corporations.